Power to go

The B&W energy.case is the power outlet for on the go.

The B&W energy.case is a simple, mobile power supply for the professional market. Whether 230 Volt – as if from a socket – or 24 Volt direct current: our energy.cases always supply the right energy. energy.cases are developed for the toughest requirements, are temperature resistant and waterproof.

The compact and emission-free power supplies can be charged with a power supply unit, a car charging cable or a solar cell and are just as suitable for stationary continuous operation as for changing mobile applications. Mobile energy, where it is needed.

We use the energy.case for disaster control operations, for larger water rescue operations and for medical service to supply power to our facilities (accident assistance centre, command centre, etc.) and to maintain the charge of our emergency vehicles during operations where they stand for a long time without being moved (provision for forest fire operations) when no external power supply is available. A great advantage of the energy.case is its great flexibility in charging the battery, it can be charged via the normal mains, via the on-board power supply of vehicles and boats and via solar cells. In addition, its waterproofness and robustness is a great advantage.

Till Hoffmann , deputy on-call manager
German Red Cross, district association Uckermark West/Oberbarnim e.V.,
Local branch Eberswalde
DefPower.case Heavy Duty

The powerful Plug & Protect power plant in a case.

The DefPower.case Heavy Duty is the first mobile fuel cell and solar power plant in a wheeled case that is powered by 5 different power sources and can handle everything from complete self-sufficiency to a mobile lorry charging socket that may be needed during field operations. Silent. Remotely controllable. Weather-independent. And with an amazingly optimised heat signature.

DefPower.case Heavy Duty


The latest generation lithium iron phosphate battery has a capacity of 2,000 Wh. This can be charged e.g. via the solar system with two foldable and break-proof solar cells. In addition, the fuel cell extracts 11,000 Wh of usable energy from the for example 10-litre methanol canister. This gives the system a total capacity of 13,000 Wh. The methanol can be refilled at any time or replaced by a larger tank.


Six times longer service life of the latest generation of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) compared to the lithium batteries normally used. This generation of batteries is completely explosion-proof and non-toxic. In addition, there are such attractive safety aspects as overload protection, overheating protection, overcharging protection or dry-running protection of the fuel cell.

Remote control

Remote control from a distance of 50 m. With a secure WLAN connection, they can switch the various outputs on or off with the remote control.


All important components such as the fuel cell, battery system with control unit or the converters can be changed and combined or supplemented with components from other DefPower.cases without any tools.


The dimensions of the DefPower.case HD are 845 x 612 x 415 mm (length x width x height). The [PP+] - TULB not only safely houses all important components, but also two foldable solar cells and an external charger. With a weight of approx. 55 kg, the unit can be carried by two people or simply rolled.


In addition to the fuel cell, the DefPower.case HD can be charged via the foldable solar cells stowed in the unit. Via the integrated MPPT (Max Power Point Tracking) system maximises the solar yield so that more energy is actually generated on a smaller solar surface.

Continuous operation

The DefPower.case can operate in the lowest temperatures without freezing as well as in hot environments. Since only distilled water is emitted during operation of the fuel cell, the self-sufficient power plant can also be operated inside vehicles, in containers or in closed rooms.

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The generator of the future

energy.case PRO1500

Great battery power

The battery capacity is up to 1500 Wh including 150 Wh reserve and a maximum output of 300 Watt or 500 Watt.

Strong battery system

The LiFEPo4 battery system is supplemented by battery management and current, voltage and temperature monitoring.

The power socket for on the road

Whether 230 volts as if from the socket or 24 volts direct current - our energy.cases always supply the right energy.

Robust and waterproof

Also designed for extreme outdoor use. The sturdy, temperature resistant B&W outdoor.case made of polypropylene ensures that the battery is protected at all times against shock and splash water.

Uncomplicated handling

Thanks to its ergonomic carrying handles and telescopic handle, the energy.case pro 1500 is an uncomplicated companion.

Flexible charging options

The energy.case can be charged with a power supply unit, a car charging cable or solar cells.

Made in Germany

Completely developed, manufactured and programmed in Germany, the energy.case pro 1500 meets the highest quality standards, is completely silent, vibration-free and extremely robust.

B&W OUTDOOR CASE, energy case, mobile power supply

energy solutions for professional use.

energy.case PRO500

Robust and waterproof

The energy.case PRO500 is splash-proof, shock-proof and vibration-proof. The robust design allows
use even under the most difficult conditions.

Stable battery performance

The durable and safe lithium iron phosphate batteries are fully operational even in demanding temperatures.

Control unit

The waterproof and shatterproof membrane control unit provides information on the most important operating parameters and has a power-on lock for transport.

Connector systems

In addition to B&W's standard configuration, customer-specific connectors can be installed. Customization is possible from a quantity of one energy.case PRO500.

Charging options

Charging is done by a 230 volt charger, at the cigarette lighter, at the 24 V connection of a truck or by the foldable solar cell. The vehicle battery will not be overloaded.

Output voltage

The energy.case PRO500 has a 230V AC as well as a 5V USB DC output.

B&W OUTDOOR CASE, energy case, mobile power supply

The compact solution

energy.case 500

Compact and powerful

The energy.case 500 offers a battery capacity of 500 Wh in the smallest form factor.

Strong battery system

The LiFEPo4 battery system is supplemented by battery management and current, voltage and temperature monitoring.

Voltage for professionals

The energy.case 500 can be set to voltages between 5 and 48 volts DC at the factory. The output voltage is stabilized and very precise.

Robust design

Sturdy, temperature-resistant and waterproof: The energy.case 500 is suitable for even the most extreme requirements.

Under 22 lb

The energy.case 500 is easy to transport and simple to operate.

mobile power supply individually tailored

From connections to battery power -We create the energy.case according to your individual wishes.

We like to work according to the modular system and with the personally configured energy.case we can take into account almost every individual wish. Whether it is the number of connections or the required battery power: Thanks to our experience we can quickly

and cost-efficiently meet the most diverse demands and requirements. The batteries we use are especially tailored to our systems, meet the highest safety and quality standards and guarantee a high degree of cost-effectiveness with their long service life.

Quality made in Germany

Developed, manufactured and programmed in Germany: The energy.case meets the highest quality standards.

All advantages at a glance:

Powerful battery and individual adjustability

A powerful LiFePo4 battery system is supplemented by an individual adjustment option for the output voltage.

Robust companions

The energy.cases were developed for the toughest requirements, are temperature-resistant and waterproof (IP 44 to IP 66).

Simple and clear operation

The robust and low-consumption operating unit provides clear information about performance, temperature and battery.

Full charge current

An energy.case can be charged with a power supply unit, a car charging cable or a solar cell and is suitable for continuous operation and mobile applications.

Next generation electricity

energy.cases from B&W have been developed for the toughest requirements and are used all over the world. Whether heavy rain in the jungle or 45 °C in the desert – energy.cases always supply reliable power. The ability to charge each energy.case with solar cells or on the vehicle guarantees true independence. This is how mobile power supply works today.

B&W energy.cases